Appraiser Panel Management
In today's market, Lenders face increasing regulatory oversight regarding their appraisal management practices. To continue managing their own appraiser panel will require Lenders to address additional risks, operating costs and administrative burdens.

ServiceLink has an optimal solution. Our HVCC-compliant Appraiser Panel Management (APM) program enables Lenders to continue having appraisal orders fulfilled through their existing network of experienced appraisers, with ServiceLink acting as the intermediary for appraiser selection, assignment performance management, quality review and appraiser payment processes.

With our industry leading VisionSM technology platform and proven experience in directing our own national network of appraisers, ServiceLink proactively manages the Lender's appraisal panel, including reporting on metrics related to individual appraiser's quality and service levels. We also take over the administrative demands of appraisal underwriting, appraiser invoice payment and 1099 reporting.

Reduce cycle time and cost:
Realization of reduction time and cost in the end-to-end appraisal processing cycle.
Increase focus on new loan development by eliminating the need for processing staff to manage the appraisal process.
ServiceLink manages all appraisal invoicing, appraiser payment, and other accounting functions.
Our industry-leading VisionSM platform makes the appraiserís process more efficient.
Allows the lender to take advantage of our proprietary CTI technology. Appointments can be scheduled at the point of sale and connects the borrower and appraiser within as little as 7 minutes from the time of order receipt.
Maximize loan value and mitigate risk:
Improved investor confidence relative to Independence compliance. ServiceLink acts as the intermediary in the appraiser/lender relationship. Our solution allows the lender to be fully compliant with Independence without having to abandon current appraiser relationships.
Removes any conflicts of interest that are inherent in the appraisal process.
Enhance customer experience and foster trust and confidence:
Our transition process is transparent. We utilize the lender's existing panel in the same markets at the fee schedules set by the lender.
Each client has a dedicated team of experienced ServiceLink appraiser management personnel focused specifically on the lenderís appraiser panel.
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