ServiceLink is uniquely positioned as the national lender platform for Fidelity National Financial. We are a single-source provider of a full range of title products and services on a national basis for all facets of origination. Our centralized title platform, combined with our industry-leading technology and experienced staff, is what makes ServiceLink stand out in the industry. Our processes have proven to reduce cycle time and operating costs for lenders in addition to mitigating risk.
What we offer
ALTA Title Insurance
Streamline Insured Title
Home Equity Title Insurance
Owner & Encumbrance Report / Property Report
Legal and Vesting Report
Reduced cycle time and operating cost
Single provider of title products in all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • Process consistency regardless of borrower location
  • Product consistency eliminating the need to train on multiple product formats
  • Blanket closing protection letters provider eliminating the need to obtain individual closing protection letters
Accelerated commitment delivery through the use of FNF title plant data
All vendors are VisionSM Certified assuring you that our network of over 20,000 vendors are committed to the same quality, accuracy and speeds as our ServiceLink staff
Maximize Loan Value and Mitigate Risk
Experienced internal examination and quality control staff reviews the subjective aspects of the title report
Accurate fees quoted for GFE compliance
Our proprietary eAbstract technology eliminates re-keying errors and misinterpretation of search data
We incorporate lender-specific quality guidelines to ensure we are providing a fully reviewed product
Title policy delivered within 15 days from recording for faster packaging of the loan file
Enhance Customer Experience and Foster Trust and Confidence
We employ the industry’s most experienced title staff.
Our culture promotes growth within the organization that promotes staff to become personally invested in the service they provide.
Our client-dedicated teams are an extension of your organization, managing your business from order to delivery, with a full understanding of your processes
Our workflow is fully customized to fit your needs
Programs and Solutions
Appraiser Panel Management
Portfolio Retention Strategies
Streamline Refinance
Reverse Mortgage
Full Purchase
Loan Modification
Web Based Signing
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